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We need you!

The TUfast Eco Team is always looking for motivated members. We would like to invite our fellow schoolmates to be part of the team. In addition to the ability to work in a team, you would be able to acquire a lot of specialist knowledges and practical experiences, which deepen and expand the lecture knowledges. Besides, thanks to our partnerships between us and the innumerable amounts of corporations, there would be numerous chances in internships, project studies or student research projects for the active members.



Write a self-introduction to, in which you answer the following three questions with a maximum of 100 words each.

Who am I? (previous experience,
study progress, interests, ...)
Why do I want to join TUfast Eco?
What do I want to learn at TUfast and where do I want to start? 


Personal interview

If your application convinces us, we will invite you to a short conversation. Just to clarify whether and how you can support us and what you are particularly suitable for.


Get started!

Last and certainly not least: You would have your task once you join the team, should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask any of our teammates.

And brace yourself! Get prepared to widen your horizons by being part of the manufacturing process of our vehicle.   

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